business cards Cape TownHere at DEEP we design and print business cards for businesses of all descriptions in and around Cape Town . We create hundreds of different looks, feels and finishes, but what they all have in common is their function. They are designed to connect with your potential clients and give them your essential details.  When you are providing us with the details for your business cards there are a few things to double check before we turn them into a fabulous design.

1. Do you tell people what your business actually does?
However beautiful your card is to look at, however stunning the graphics and logo and inspired the concept, if your contact can’t tell instantly what you do from one glance at your business card, it isn’t doing its job. Your company name may be self-explanatory but, if it isn’t, add on a tagline that spells out the nature of your business. For example a name like Mountain View Studios could be anything from a design business to a self-catering holiday apartment complex. Add a short tag such as Mountain View Studios – inspired graphic design, which immediately defines what you do and informs your new contact what you can do for them.

2. Have you got the right contact information?
Take time to work out which contact information you really need on your business cards. Cluttering them up with every possible contact method – phone, cellphone, email, web address, physical address, skype name etc – can be confusing and can also compromise a sleek design, but you want to include the ones that will be most useful to your potential clients. The minimum to include would be a primary contact number (whether cellphone or landline), an email address and a website address. Often this is all you need. A bricks and mortar business will generally include a physical address, though online businesses no longer see that as necessary. Selected social media handles and links could be useful if your main clientele hang out on Twitter and Facebook. But be selective and don’t overcrowd the space with more information than is necessary.

3. Proofread all your information at least twice
You can’t afford a single mistake on your business cards. Before passing on your information to the design phase, make sure that everything is correct. Don’t just glance through it once yourself. Get another pair of critical eyes to go over it to catch anything you may have missed. An extra letter or dash in a web address, a misplaced dot, are enough to spoil a professional image. And double check again once you receive your design proofs and before your business cards are printed.

Great business cards are the start of establishing your unique brand and making a mark for yourself in the thriving Cape Town business community.  Contact us for more information on business card printing and design.

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