qr codes for business cardsQR codes on business cards have been around for a while now in South Africa and they can be a great way of combining the traditional format of a business card with cutting–edge technology.

For those who haven’t yet discovered QR codes, they are those square graphic boxes, like two dimensional bar-codes, that we are starting to see in magazines, on advertising and all sorts of printed media. They can be scanned with any smartphone that has an app to read them and can contain all sorts of data.

In the case of business cards there are two main uses:

1. The QR code can contain all your contact info, so that instead of manually entering your details, a new contact can simply scan everything in to a smartphone with one click of the camera button.

2. The QR code can contain a url which, when scanned, will take people directly to a web page.

The decision whether or not to include a QR code on your business cards often depends on your line of business and your clientele. If most of your clients are technophobes, or if none of them are likely to have smartphones, then you are better off sticking to more traditional formats. However if you have a growing number of tech-savvy clients, then a QR code will be appreciated by them and show that you are clued up and on top of the latest in technology.

One way of designing a business card with a QR code to appeal to both types of clients, is to have double sided cards, with a traditional format displaying your contact details on one side and the QR code version on the other. Remember to include a call to action with your QR code, such as ‘scan for contact details’, or ‘scan for special offers’, as otherwise clients won’t know where your QR code is taking them.

And very importantly, if your QR code directs people to a web page, make sure that the page is mobile-friendly. There is no point sending them to a page that is impossible to read on a Smartphone.

Be prepared to explain what your code is about and direct people to an app that can read it if they are still new to the concept. While QR codes aren’t new, there are still many people who don’t know what they are or how to use them.

Ask us more about designing QR codes for your business cards!

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