eco-friendly-printers-Cape-TownEco-friendly printing inks
Litho-printing may have been around for many years, but there is no need for it to use old machines and toxic inks. While many litho printers in Cape Town are still using machines that are 20-30 years old, which can only function with the old style inks, , DEEP, and some other litho printers, have invested in new technology printing presses, and print using environmentally friendly vegetable based inks.

How do you tell the difference?

Smell a newly printed page. Yes really! Old style toxic inks smell strongly of ink or alcohol. Those fumes that you are smelling are VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) which are chemicals given off in the printing (drying) process that contribute to global warming. Vegetable based inks and environmentally friendly printing processes do not give off these VOCs, so you won’t smell that strong waft of inks, when you pick up your printing.

What to ask your printer?

  • Ask your printer how old the printing press is that they will be printing your brochures / business cards on? If they tell you it is more than 5 years old then beware.
  • Ask your printer if they are using vegetable based inks? This is important to prevent greenhouse emissions.

Look out for our next post where we look at which papers eco-friendly printers should be using.

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