Eco-Friendly Paper

There are a number of ways you can check whether your printer is environmentally friendly. Paper is perhaps the most obvious. Where the paper comes from and how it has been treated is something that should be taken into account when picking your printer. Using recycled paper is often thought of as one of the best ways to be eco-friendly. However, contrary to popular belief this is not the only way to use paper in an environmentally-friendly way.


Eco-friendly printers like Deep also use sustainably farmed paper. This paper is just as important as recycled paper because the large, commercial forests used for its production can actually make up for the effects of deforestation elsewhere. In fact, if you consider that 90% of deforestation is from agricultural practices and industrial expansion, the contribution of paper production is minimal in comparison. However, these forests can only grow if there is a demand for sustainably farmed paper. That is where you come in.

Chlorine Free

Do you know where paper gets its bright hue? Bleaching. But the elemental chlorine gas used to bleach wood-pulp can be toxic to the environment and even carcinogenic. However, there are ways to minimize the hazardous elements caused by bleaching. Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) paper is bleached using chlorine dioxide (as opposed to chlorine gas), which significantly reduces the toxicity of the paper. And Totally Chlorine Free (TCF) paper is bleached in a process that does not use chlorine at all. Either are eco-friendly alternatives to traditional paper.

Ask your printer whether their paper is:

  • Recycled
  • Sustainably Farmed
  • Elemental Chlorine Free
  • Totally Chlorine Free

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