Deep - full colour fabric printingWe’re delighted with the success of our new colour fabric printing service and so are our first clients! Previously they opted for a two-colour version of their logos, silk-screen printed onto their hemp bag giveaways, but now we can digitally print directly on to fabric in full colour, which really brings their logos  to life and represents them in the truest form possible.

We’re using the latest in technology and the only machine of its type currently in Cape Town. Billabong uses the same machine to print its full colour T-shirts, just to give you an idea of its scope. It allows us to print directly onto white or dark coloured T-shirts and all sorts of other fabrics. It can print in bulk or just do one-off samples. Best of all, it’s more economical than 4 colour screen printing and much better quality.

So we’re looking forward to a variety of exciting and colourful fabric printing projects to take advantage of this bright new technology.

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