Dvision video productionSo you have decided that you need a video to use on your website or as part of a mail out campaign? What happens next in terms of video production?

Once you have discussed what you want with your team at DEEP and decided how this project will link in with your overall brand building, our Dvision team will take over and manage the project to completion.

  1. First of all comes the script writing from a professional copywriter.
  2. Dvision will put together a team using the best local producers, directors and videographers for the filming of the relevant footage and interviews using HD cameras on location.
  3. Next comes the video editing from a skilled editor using top of the range High-Def. equipment.
  4. The sound production is then taken care of with audio mastering done by our in-house sound engineer.
  5. The final video, with its clear high impact message, is then delivered on both DVD and internet/email format to use in your marketing campaign.

Not yet sure if a video is just what you need? Check out our post on the benefits of video in brand-building to see what a difference it can make!

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